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Interior Design Services

We all want a home that we can be proud of, stylish and personal to us. But finding the time to create this is hard and knowing where to start can be even harder. Let us take away the hassle and turn it into a pleasure! With our highly collaborative approach we will quickly generate ideas and source products that are suitable for you and your budget.

Photos of presentation boards created for clients.Our affordable services are very flexible, simply pick and choose from the list below:

Interior Design – unlocking your ideas

Tailored to your requirements, we can help with the fundamentals of colours, wallpapers, window treatments and floor coverings. Or we can offer more in-depth schemes that include all elements of your room.

Product Sourcing – saving you hours of time

Fed up with trailing around endless shops, or searching on the internet? We will find and recommend anything that you need to complete your room.

Space Planning – maximising your space

If you have an awkward space, or simply want to refresh your layout, we can create scale drawings and make recommendations.

Project management – Removing the hassle entirely

We can manage your home developments in their entirety, enabling you to relax and get on with your life.

We enjoy getting involved in all kinds of project and don’t consider any project to be too small or large.


Our services are tailored to your specific requirements and pricing will vary depending on the level of involvement you need. This will be assessed during our initial no-obligation consultation meeting, which is absolutely free of charge. We will then prepare a quotation for you to consider before we begin any design work.