About H Interiors

Photos of Rachel in her studio.H Interiors is built around the philosophy that everyone should have access to the home of their dreams…

We believe that there are two main reasons why people put off making changes to their homes: time and confidence.

We all live in a demanding world where time is short and priorities are constantly shifting, often redecorating your home no matter how much you want to do it falls down the ‘to do’ list.

We are surrounded by images of beautiful homes, in magazines, on TV and on the internet. It can often feel like there is far too much choice out there, where should you start? H Interiors is designed to help you overcome these obstacles in a very affordable and collaborative way. We specialise in building strong relationships, understanding your taste and lifestyle and then building a bespoke recommendation.

My name is Rachel Healy and I’m the founder of and creative force behind H Interiors. I spent over 10 years working in brand, advertising and marketing development for a demanding commercial business. The skills that I developed there make me ideally placed to provide a different level of interior design service. I have a very strong creative background, combined with extensive project management and organisational abilities, enabling me to take on your projects and deliver them successfully.

H Interiors is a very personal business, it’s based around something that I have great passion for. I get a huge amount of personal pleasure from helping people develop their houses into a home that they treasure and are very proud of. It’s very important to me that people feel involved in the process of developing their homes, my clients are the most important part of the process for me.